The 3 A’s: Autism, Arts, and ABA

This will be a fantastic presentation!

Finding appropriate leisure activities that can be done independently or with peers can be challenging for individuals with autism. This workshop describes the importance of the 3 A’s: Arts, Autism, ABA.  Augusta Levy Learning Center team’s up with Oglebay Institute to engage individuals with ASD in a variety of art specialties incorporated in their daily ABA services. We will discuss the specialties in detail and how they specifically pertain to individuals with autism and how they can be individualized to their needs. We will discuss the importance of leisure activities and how the arts can be an important aspect of every individual’s daily life.





Haley Rauschenberg, M.S., BCBA, Outreach Consultant at Augusta Levy Learning Center
Kim Kafana, Dance Instructor at Oglebay Institute.

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