Bringing ABA into your Home

One of the best things about ABA is that it does not require the use of expensive equipment or tools, making it easy to do at home. Throughout this workshop we will focus on how to optimize your home environment for children with autism spectrum disorders. We will discuss how to arrange the environment to increase communication and prevent behaviors.  We hope to help you with the following skills and tasks: promoting independence, teaching safety skills, encouraging language development, and helping regulate unwanted behaviors.

ABA and speech and language therapy do not have to be sit-at-the-table-drill-work…we play a lot too!  We are excited to share with you some strategies that you can take home and implement today!


Angela Wood, M.Ed., BCBA

Angela is the Executive Director at the Augusta Levy Learning Center in Wheeling, West Virginia.  She has early intervention experience, previously working with the West Virginia Birth to Three program.  She has also worked as a school consultant, designing and implementing behavior protocols for students with moderate to severe behaviors. Angela is currently a board member for the Mountaineer Autism Project.

Deidra Darst, MS,CCC-SLP

Deidra is the Director of the Mountaineer Autism Project.  She currently works as a speech language pathologist in the school system and with the West Virginia Birth to Three program.  Deidra’s son, Colin, has autism.  She is the author of a blog entilted, The SLP Mom, and has authored two books, the latest being Artie is Awesome, a children’s book that explains autism and teaches self-love and acceptance.

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